July 14, 2017
1 Month and 6 days since
our celebration.

A.N. MYER Class of ‘77    40 YEARS!     July 14-16, 2017 

Hope to see you at brunch this morning. Cat's Kitchen-11:30. Cost is not included -but you get to share in some more great company!
One more sleep!! Looking forward to re-connecting, laughing and lots of fun! Don't eat much before Saturday night! and remember, the diner on Sat. is basically business casual - we have no dress code- we just want to visit with you, who cares whether it's in shorts or a ball gown!! (skip the tiara though - Nancy's the only diva in our group! - just kidding!)
and remember the times - Fri. beers - 7:00-11:00, Sat hike and biking : 10:00, Sat night cocktails at 6:00 and Sunday brunch 11:30 at Cat's Kitchen

Hi Classmates, we are looking forward to seeing what you have been up in the past 5 years (or more) since we had our last reunion.We have a fun weekend planned! 

By using this website, we hope that you will have all the information you need.

We have organized a few things for the weekend so please check out the Weekend Events page. For the day time events, contact names/info have been provided if you have any specific questions. Here is a quick summary of the weekend:

Friday July 14
During the day, there will a golf game at Rolling Meadows for those interested, with tee times between 12-2pm. 
Friday Evening
That evening there will be a get together at Niagara College’s campus near White Oaks. A specialty brew is being made for our class and it is a chance to mingle. (Other beverages also available.)
The event is being held at Niagara College's Taylor Rd, NOTL campus in the Wine Visitor and Education Center which is the only building on your right when you pull into the driveway of the campus on Taylor Rd. Watch for the white and purple balloons to show you the way! Our fun begins at 7. There will be a wine and beer tasting at 7:30 and another at 9:00. Lots of fun and catching up! If there's no parking in front, you can park in Main parking lot A close to driveway and just step across.

Saturday, July 15
Two activities have been planned during the day. There will be a hike (approx 3hr) along sections of the  Bruce Trail.  The second activity is a bike ride/picnic lunch along the parkway.  Both will start at 10 am.
Bikers: Meet at last most northern parking lot of McFarland Park on Niagara Parkway opposite  where east-West line intersects with the Parkway. It's called Smuggler's Cove. Zoom Leisure bike rentals has a brown hut there and that is where we are picking up the bikes and having our picnic lunch upon return. 

Hikers: 10 am Woodend to Fireman's Park Loop, 3hrs

 Meet at the entrance to Woodend Conservation Area, Taylor Rd.  Hike to Fireman's Park and loop back.  Hike through lovely hilly wooded sections of the Bruce Trail (both main and sidetrail). Some road walking.  Pace is medium (3-4km/hr).  Terrain is Moderate - some hills and some poor footing.  Bring water and a snack.  Wear appropriate footwear and clothing.

Saturday Evening
Dinner and fun will be held at the Queenston Heights Restaurant. Cocktails will be served on the outdoor patio starting at 6:00 pm. Dinner begins at 7:30. Trivia, Photobooth, Music, Fun! 

Sunday, July 16
Plan to meet friends for an informal brunch at Cat's Kitchen on Thorold Stone Rd. (the very old -La fontana) - restaurant opens at 11:30!!

Don't forget to complete the brief survey Helen Robson sent out which is also located on the Update questionnaire tab and send it back to her -especially if you can't attend. It will be on display in a binder all weekend.

To register, go to the "Buy Tickets" page. The main fee is $75 for Saturday's dinner--not to be missed! Any other costs or details are outlined on the "Weekend Events" page. Please register for each event you are attending (regardless if there is a fee)  so we will have an idea of numbers attending.

A few people have asked if a lot of spouses attend. While it varies year to year, in general more "singles" than "couples" attend. However, those spouses brave enough :) to attend are more than welcome!

We are still missing some classmates so please pass this on if you know someone who hasn't received it yet.

Using the Website

On the website you can see "Who's Coming", leave a note on the "Guest Book"  page and of course buy your tickets.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will get back to you as soon as we can but don't worry if there is a bit of a delay.

You can also check out the "Update" tab. We would really like to get some information from you to update a binder that we keep.  This is helpful if you are attending and if not able to attend, at least lets us know how and what you are doing.  Helen Robson will be sending an email with the same questionnaire --presumably that will be easier for you to complete and return to her but this will give you a sneak peak.


If you have old photos from our years at Myer that you would be willing to share, please scan and send them to Helen Protopapas Robson at hwrobson@sympatico.ca . Photos can also be uploaded on this site.

We look forward to seeing you next week!


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